Looking at the West is a blog by Utah based photographer Andrew McAllister.

Thanks for visiting my site. Here you will find images from my expeditions in the American West. I am based in Logan, Utah which is near the Idaho border. Since moving to this location from Akron, Ohio in 2011, I have been going on photographic expeditions with the purpose on discovering (for myself) and documenting the region that I now call home.

See more of my work at AndrewMcAllisterPhotography.com

Below: Me and my shadow at Furnace Creek, Death Valley National Park.


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  1. I like the pictures, they are really good. I am wondering what kind of camera your using? Maybe some tips on shooting that type of landscape too.

  2. I have been working on some technique blog posts. I’ll try to post the first one soon. So far everything on here is with a Leica M8 and ZM lenses. I do also use a Nikon d300 and soon the d800.

  3. I’ve been stayed in Arizona in 2010. Since, I have been fascinated about the landscape and scenery of the America West. I really like this blog!

  4. Wow your work is stunning. I lived in Park City, UT from 1996-98, Whitefish, Montana from 1998-2000 and Tucson, AZ from 2000-20004. I then went to graduate school in writing in Fairfax, VA just outside of Washington, D.C. after which I totally crashed and burned and ended up in Chicago, Il since 2007 because I have family here! I miss the west so terribly but the economy sucks and my “day jobs” don’t pay enough to travel. However, despite my sad story, your photographs really brought the west back to me again and for that I am grateful!

    • I have not been there in many years. I would like to explore the area though. Currently I’m based in Northern Utah so my excursions are typically with in a 5-6 hour radius. I’m hoping to get a camping setup together so that I can expand my range another 6 hours.

  5. Ola sou do Brasil e gostei bastante do seu blog, e a boa idéia do registro dos Parques..
    O nosso blog Cerradania trata também de parque no Brasil…

  6. Hello I’m a Moab local and just found your stuff after reading ‘Roads in the Wilderness: Conflict in the Canyon Country’ which you took the cover photo of. As a very amateur photographer attempting to do landscape in Utah I’d like to just say thanks for some inspiration.

    • Thanks for commenting. That book is very informative to the land issues and how 2 very different view points have played out in the local and regions politics. I am honored to have captured an image that fit the content of the book perfectly.

  7. Hello Moab local … or anyone else. I am interested in gathering info on “MOAB MAN” if anyone knows of such or has any info or suggestions (this was an arcahaeological find, bones of several individuals — separate finds I difference years but possibly at exactly the same spot). I’m also interested in the “uranium king” of Moab as well but of course there is heaps written about him so I can find lots on that myself. “Moab man” is a bit more elusive and because I am in Sydney (Australia) I cannot pop on over to see the site for myself. There’s some controversial aspects to it. Cheers, John.

  8. Hello Andrew,

    I just found your blog by chance and enjoyed your images.

    They are just incredible.

    I wanted to go and mark LIKE in each and every photo and comment “Stunning”.

    Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Have a great time :)

  9. Nice blog. You caught the Wyoming that I love in “On the road in Wyoming” – those colours! I’ve just made a first visit to Idaho, so am loving your photos from there, too. Thanks.

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