Low Road Buildings

20130406_Downey_Idaho_8626In my travels I often come across cool little low road buildings that I think would make great artist studios. This one is in Downey and is a combination of a cabin with french doors and a quonset hut. Images from Google Earth show that until recently there were a few others next to it. I learned about low road buildings and how they contribute to society in Stewart Brand’s book How Building Learn. These little buildings are ephemeral and I am compelled to document them while they still exist. 
low road building

4 thoughts on “Low Road Buildings

    • The thing is that they are there now, seem like they will be around for some time, then one day they are gone.

  1. On my drive through Tx, NM and CO I remember just watching out the window (when it wasn’t my turn to drive) and just waiting for one of these to crop up in the distance. There’s something calming and quiet about them — and intriguing, since I’d always wonder about the people who lived there and what their life was like. I mostly drove during the day, so I’d be watching for them in the orange light of dusk — it’s nice seeing them in a different light here.

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