Ogden Utah industrial agriculture


This past winter I started looking at grain silo’s, mills and other structures associated with industrial agriculture in Northern Utah and Southern Idaho with the idea of creating a photographic survey. Above: Horizon Milling facility, Ogden Utah 2013.


Above: Cache Commodities, Ogden Utah 2013 Check out the piping and sorting units. Anyone with information about various parts of these facilities please comment.


Above: Abandoned slip formed silo’s near Wasatch Laboratories in downtown Ogden, Utah 2013. When visiting these type of sites make sure to respect fences and no trespassing signs. I look at it as an additional challenge to photograph from roads and public access ways.


Above: American Nutrition, Ogden, Utah 2013. Love how the late afternoon sun creates those hard lined shadows.

4 thoughts on “Ogden Utah industrial agriculture

  1. The top photo looks like a feed mill. One of the jobs they do at these mills is mix various grains. The multiple distribution spouts show that mixing was a primary function here. On the left is the driveway, where trucks would enter to unload and/or load grain. It was important to keep these facilities in continuous operation even during maintenance and repair since the livestock won’t stop eating just because the feed mill stops. So some redundancy is required.

    • Thanks for the comments and the insight. My goal is to work a little farther each year hopefully all the way to Canada.

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