Little Mountain, Big Clouds

140617_Northern Utah_025

Little Mountain, west of Corrine Utah. Unseasonably cold weather pattern came through Utah earlier this week and gave us some great cloudy days and snow at higher elevations. Glad to have ventured out one of the days and snapped a few images before the return of cloudless blue sky summer days returns.

27 thoughts on “Little Mountain, Big Clouds

  1. Wow, this is one of the most impressive and beautiful landscape photos I’ve seen for a long time. Nature and its wonders helped you, yes, but you did a great job too!

  2. I absolutely love your work… these photographs are really cool!
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    it really means a lot to me, and it is really difficult to get contributors without much publicity (and without a charming video tape), so please spread some love guys! :) have a nice day!

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