Bancroft, ID

140120_bancroft-idaho_135Commercial building, Bancroft, Idaho 2014

Intersting commercial building that has seen many years and various uses. Looks as if at one time it was an auto parts store with it’s interior walls painted in a yellow and blue scheme (NAPA?) and a Monroe shocks sold here sign. Currently looks to be someone’s workshop. Buildings like this are part of the reason I enjoy photographing small western towns. If you know anything about this or other building in Bancroft please leave a comment. Below is a detail of the doors and window.


3 thoughts on “Bancroft, ID

    • Since photography can only exist in the present moment (one cannot go forward or back in time at the moment the shutter clicks) it is fortuitous when the photographer finds a location that has layers of history on the surface. What I find interesting is the way buildings age. Take for example the left side that we could assume once was a pane of glass. At some point that broke to such a degree that a simple repair like we see on the right was not sufficient. Bancroft being where it is and big pieces of glass both expensive and somewhat difficult to acquire in such a rural area another solution was found. A traditionally temporary fix becomes permanent as the current user of the building does not need giant windows for customers to see into the shop and instead gains a wall that probably better suits the current use as a workshop. Low Road building like this, with their history easily read are as important if not more important in defining a place than a stately government or church building. Though the image above is from a few yeas ago and the building has a history when I was there it was the present. I hope it is there for many years to come. Thanks for your comment and following my blog.

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