Western Mural, Bancroft, ID


Western Mural, Bancroft, Idaho 2014

In my travels north of Logan, Utah I come across the work of mural painters who had a good business of painting fantastic western landscape murals on various commercial buildings in Southern Idaho. Along the way I have started collecting them when I find them.

Bancroft, ID

140120_bancroft-idaho_135Commercial building, Bancroft, Idaho 2014

Intersting commercial building that has seen many years and various uses. Looks as if at one time it was an auto parts store with it’s interior walls painted in a yellow and blue scheme (NAPA?) and a Monroe shocks sold here sign. Currently looks to be someone’s workshop. Buildings like this are part of the reason I enjoy photographing small western towns. If you know anything about this or other building in Bancroft please leave a comment. Below is a detail of the doors and window.


Twin Peaks, Goose Creek Mtns., Utah


Snow covered Twin Peaks (8584 ft. elevation) located in the far NW corner of Utah about 15 miles from the UT-NV-ID boundry monument.