Looking at the West: return to blogging

170617_Blue Mtn road UT-02

Over the past few years I stopped publishing this blog. Just let it go. Not because I did not enjoy building it up but because it got to a point where it seemed like what is the purpose? Most other photography blogs I was exposed to were thinly veiled attempts to sell workshops or gear review and training sites. It felt as if photography as it exists on the web was only about selling gizmos. I could not find good content from photographers that interested me. That made me reconsider why I was doing it myself. In that confusion it became easier to just switch to Instagram and stop trying to write blog entries. After all it is more fun and interesting to just go out on adventures and take photos than to sit at a computer and write. After years and stops and starts on that platform I feel like it’s becoming just a huge space for advertising and self promotional content, plus the photos are too small. The end result is after I have liked about a 50 things I don’t feel any connection to what I just saw nor have I learned anything new. Maybe it’s time to get back to blogging. With a huge backload of images from ¬†adventures over the last few years I’m planing on restarting the blog and posting with some consistency. The photo above is from earlier this year (2017) from a trip I made to Dinosaur National Monument, a place where I have had the great opportunity to work the last 2 summers as part of a team of researchers. I’ll get to what we were doing later but lets just say this is my happy place. The photo has all the elements of my adventures, interesting and rugged landscape, remote and rugged road and an epic view. Speaking of the view the river in the distance is the mighty Green River and it has just come out of Split Mountain located just to the right. In the distance are the Unitas, one of the few East-West trending ranges in North America and also the northern border of the Colorado Plateau.

19 thoughts on “Looking at the West: return to blogging

  1. It’s good to see you back! I definitely know what you mean about photography blogs, though I do feel there are still some good ones out there. I’ll look forward to hearing about your Dinosaur research – I guided in the Monument for fifteen years, and being away often feels like separation from a close friend.

    • I feel the same way. Dinosaur is a good friend and one I like to visit over and over. I hope my work there lasts 15 years, such an amazing place.

  2. What I have found is there is a loyal following for any of us, and our creative product. It is worth the effort to leave an etch upon the earth, rather than to live and die in unambiguous obscurity. Thanks for coming back, and I look forward to your photographs.

  3. I’ve been blogging for seven years and seen so many good blogs come and go. I’m always a bit sad when a good blog turns into a collection of reviews. But believe me, there are still a good number of bloggers out there who are more interested in sharing their travel experiences than making money.

  4. I create blog since 2009, but sometimes i take a break, just for trying something new and may be interesting. But, i still love the way to share a story with photos by blogging.

    Welcome back…

  5. I’m glad you’re coming back to blogging. Your images are always beautiful and I have to agree that it gets tiresome to see a good blog turn into a product review or “buy my workshop” hawking platform. The occasional review because something just works great for you and you love it and want people to know is a whole different thing. I look forward to your more regular presence. All the best.

  6. I am also glad you returned to blogging. I love seeing pictures of the West…. my heart lies in the West…. and I live in the Netherlands, so go figure :-) Every time I see one of your photos my heart is happy.

  7. I don’t know if I ever commented, but I always enjoyed your images and blog, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see your return to my inbox this morning! I’ve been on some big adventures of my own too (and I too put blogging down for a few years now largely), I look forward to hearing more of your experiences.

    In a sea of emails trying to sell me the latest ecourse or get me to sign up for the next webinar, it’s refreshing just to have something that is about the heart of it: the images themselves and the journey of life!

    I’ll look forward to reading more!

    • Thanks for the comment Sarah. You hit the nail on the head. It’s about the images and the journey. I’m not here to sell stuff and create hype.

  8. Please do continue blogging. I missed your posts when you dropped off a few years ago. There’s definitely a connection, especially among those of us who adore the west but are stuck in the east. Granted, I understand your frustration with the motivations behind other photography blogs. However, remember that blogging means taking the platform and making it your own. This is YOUR blog, not theirs. And hey, if you ever decide to go commercial, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But, in the meantime, self-expression is always its own end.

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