Almost Ghost Town: Thompson Springs, Utah

Above: Almost a ghost town, Thompson Springs, Utah. I have spent a lot of time looking at this humble little house making up little stories about what happened here. This little house from another time with it’s yard clearly defined from the larger surrounding. A power pole that marks the location like it was a road side casualty. Not generally a fan of the photo cliche’ of dilapidated buildings or “Ruin Porn” I usually pass these structures by and leave them to other photographers. Something about this one…

Above: Abandoned structures in Thompson Springs. Would love to find an image of what was once here. Building on the left looks like it was used for some sort of agricultural storage. Look closely at the space between the buildings. A sealed (at one time) passage. The structure on the right looks like two buildings sharing a common front. The left one had a door and a window, the right one a door and two windows. The doors are tricky. Was the original door between the windows and then at some later time when the two fronts became one the door moved to the center and old door locations filled in? I’m probably to respectful for my own good as a I honor privet property and only shoot from the road. Next time I’m down there I’ll have to find someone who knows.

Above: Almost ghost town. Classic abandoned house next to the Desert Moon Hotel (actually a small trailer park for temporary workers that live out of campers parked there. And the Hotel is for sale if anyone is interested.

Above: Detail of the doorway mystery.

Above: Shadow portrait at the Thompson Springs Diner. The diner is pretty boring both inside and out. I thought this was the best photo for the location. Thompson Springs has a few other buildings including a Hotel with about 20 rooms (all with the doors open and full of trash and graffiti) The train depot (abandoned) and a few occupied residences. Someday I’ll return and photograph them as I’d like to meet the residents of this almost ghost town. I’m sure there are some interesting folks there.

Below: Backside of my favorite house in Thompson Springs.






13 thoughts on “Almost Ghost Town: Thompson Springs, Utah

  1. Those pics are so amazing, thank you.
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  2. Hi Andrew. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated your photographs of Thompson Springs. My great-great grandparents lived in Thompson in the 1910’s into the 20’s. My great great grandfather murdered my great great grandmother and her lover in 1920. He killed the lover at the train depot, and his wife at his daughter’s house. I don’t know where the daughter lived, other than it was about 1/4 of a mile from the train depot. Here’s a newspaper article detailing what happened. Thought you might enjoy, since you mentioned wondering what happened in that house.
    Who knows, it could have been Pilar and Eutrimio’s house, or even her daughter’s house where the murder occurred.

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