Cache Valley: Foggy Grey Winter

Photograph of grain silos in dense fog.Above: Grain Silos near Lewiston, Utah on a grey foggy January afternoon in Northern Utah. Depending on the screen you view this on you can see quite a bit. I’m amazed I was able to get sharp focus on the silos. Could be the start of a series of posts on agriculture architecture. There certainly is a lot around the area. Does anyone know the difference (if any) between a silo, grain silo and a grain elevator?

2 thoughts on “Cache Valley: Foggy Grey Winter

  1. A silo can store silage, which can be quite moist and used as feed for livestock. A grain silo is a storage for dry grains – to be ground as livestock feed or sold at market for human consumption. And a grain elevator is generally used to transport the grain from a lower level to a higher one, like from a truck (from the field) into the grain silo.

    Your picture brings back childhood memories – my dad’s a farmer in Ohio :)

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