Phone Home On The Range

It’s been a busy month or so but the lack of posts do not mean I have not been out looking at the west. I have some new images ready that include a trip on the Kokopelli Trail (including Top of the World and Rose garden Hill) during Cruise Moab, lots of looking at grain elevators around Cache Valley and some other nice scenery.

Phone Home On The Range

5 thoughts on “Phone Home On The Range

  1. Beautiful area…I was through that area while visiting the southwest and realized the old west – esp towns like Virginia City or Carson City – are amazing sites. My thought as I drove up to Virginia City – is how did they get wagons up those steep roads? Especially when they were dirt roads back then…

    • Well the term slick rock comes from the pioneers. Imagine going over all that rock with metal wagon wheels. Not only that, I cant imagine how some early automobiles got over some of the trails in Southern Utah. Thanks for checking out the blog and leaving a comment.

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